**Please check the calendar to the right to ensure we are available to take your order.  Scroll over the intended date to find availability.  Often times we have to shut off online orders as our schedule gets busy. That will require you to call in to place your order with one of our customer service staff.  We love hearing from you!***

If you have need of full service catering, please feel free to contact us at info@sinplicitycatering.com or call 703-892-1400.

Catering Policies:


We accept orders up until 4:00 PM the prior business day. Orders are taken on a “first come, first serve” basis. All orders require a $100.00 minimum. 



Paper or Plasticware: $1.75 per person. Includes plates, cups, napkins, silver-looking cutlery

Earth Friendly Paperware: $1.75 per person. Includes compostable plates, biodegradable cups, napkins, forks, and knives.

White and Silver Plasticware: $2.25 per person. Hard china-and-silver-look plates and cutlery with cups and napkins.


All orders require a 10 person/$100.00 minimum.  Due to higher security standards and traffic, orders will be delivered within a 30-minute window.  


Cancellation or Reductions

Cancellation requires a 24-hour notice. Orders canceled less than 24 hours prior to the event will result in a 100% charge to the client.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Corporate accounts are available by completing an account application and providing a credit card number. Credit terms for our corporate clients are net 15 days and require a credit card number on file. Interest will be charged on all outstanding invoices beyond 30 days.

Delivery Fees for Northern Virginia and DC
8 to 30 guests: Cold Menu $25.00 /Hot Menus $35.00
31 to 70 guests: Cold Menu $35.00 / Hot Menus $45.00
71 guests or more: Fee-based on the complexity of order       


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